Have you ever spent an evening sitting and watching a dramatic thunder and lightning storm roll across the sky?

Even in summer, those storms are often followed by pouring rain, easing humidity and giving our thirsty gardens a good drink.

Even though Adelaide is in the driest state of the driest continent in the world, we can still experience some impressive storms. When that heavy rain hits, you want a good stormwater drainage system to direct all that water away from your buildings, landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas.

Why is it important to have a stormwater drainage system?

Flooding water can cause structural damage to both your landscaping and your home. If stormwater is regularly collecting near your walls, you can find that foundations begin to suffer water damage. A combination of clean, well-maintained gutters, stormwater pipes, and stormwater drains can help to direct all that extra water away from your house and towards the street. A financial outlay now could save you money in the long run on expensive foundation and building repairs.

South Australia is known as a leader in stormwater management. Reusing stormwater for non-drinking purposes (like watering public spaces) takes the pressure off our reservoirs and the River Murray, ultimately helping our precious environment stay healthy. Rather than stormwater flooding your garden and causing damage to your property, direct it to the stormwater drains in the street. The more water that we can repurpose, the better our environment will be!

Installing a stormwater drain

If your driveway or outdoor entertaining area is next to a slope, you might find that water often drains over your paving or concrete. It can make it slippery or mouldy, which is dangerous to drive over, as well as your friends and family that walk across it.

You can install light and easy-to-use plastic drains to catch the runoff and direct any excess water out to the road, keeping your paving, timber or concrete dry.

All you need is a trench dug between the slope and the area you want to protect. You can attach the new drain to a stormwater pipe for double the utility, or simply use it as a way of directing the runoff away.

If you’ve noticed big puddles forming around your home or in your garden, you should look at drainage solutions that will protect your property. Make sure your gutters are clean (check out some tips for cleaning your gutters here) and your current system is in good knick before the winter rains reach us for the best protection.

Mott Plumbing repair, clean, maintain and install new stormwater drainage systems that will give you peace of mind when the rain starts. Give one of our Adelaide plumbers a call today to see how we can help!