Natural Gas is again increasing in popularity and fast becoming the preferred method of heating for hot water systems in many Australian homes

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Gas hot water units are generally cheaper to run than electric units and are better for the environment.

There are several benefits of using a gas storage or gas continuous flow hot water system over the traditional electric hot water system. Gas provides a more environmentally friendly option and is generally quicker to heat the water. Unfortunately, natural gas isn’t available in all areas but LPG provides an alternative. While LPG can be accessed in a bottled source, running costs can be quite high.

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The Principal Gas Unit Options include:

Continuous Flow:

rinnai bosch rheem thermann everhot dux aqua-max


  • Saves space, units are smaller and wall mounted
  • Heats water as you need it; you’ll never run out of hot water
  • Controllers can be installed to accurately control water delivery temperatures


  • You may need to upgrade your gas service piping which adds to your initial cost
  • Most new units require a power supply outlet and won’t work in a power failure

Gas Storage:

rheem dux thermann everhot aqua-max


  • Upfront purchase costs are usually lower than other types of units
  • Generally lower installation costs with no upgrade of gas service required


  • Tank size is larger and unit has a larger footprint taking up more ground space
  • Generally not as energy efficient as a solar or continuous flow unit
  • Heat loss will occur from the storage tank whether hot water is being drawn or not

Solar Gas Boosted:

rheem everhot thermann apricus bosch dux rinnai


  • Free energy source from the sun
  • Reduced monthly gas bills
  • Uses a gas Continuous Flow Unit as a backup booster, hot water is always available
  • From time to time Govt Incentives may be available to subsidize initial cost


  • Much higher upfront cost for equipment and installation
  • Tank size is larger and unit has a larger footprint taking up more ground space
  • Less efficient in winter and on overcast days
  • Solar panels need to be on a north facing roof to gain maximum efficiency

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