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Once considered the practical — rather than aesthetic — part of bathroom renovations, taps have now become a key part of any refurbished bathroom design. Choosing the right taps has become important, as much to complement the theme of your bathroom renovations as it is in functional capacity.

With that in mind, how do you choose the right tap for your Adelaide bathroom renovations that will give one of your most used rooms a stunning lift as well as practical use?

Here are a few questions to ask before you get started:

What’s my budget?

You can give your bathroom a great look without having to spend a great deal on tapware. Taps are now available in a range of shapes and styles and at a price to suit any budget. Look for those that are functional, durable and stylish and suit your bathroom theme, yet that won’t break the bank.

Modern or classic style?

Taps are now available in a wide range of styles. Shopping around to find the best bargains within these themes will help you decide which will best suit your Adelaide bathroom renovations.

Are they compatible?

While a matching set of taps for the whole bathroom may look the best, this is sometimes not always practical. Some taps won’t work on some basins for example, depending on the fixture’s size and positioning. In this situation, it may be better to buy separate taps for each fitting.

What are the requirements for the tapware?

Basin, shower and bath taps all have different requirements, and therefore it can be a challenge to find ones that match throughout the whole bathroom. For example, large, bulky taps may be unsuitable for the bath as this would restrict the amount of space.

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Looking to save water?

Saving water is a major issue and you should shop for the most water efficient taps you can find within your budget. Check the range of taps with flow control. You may also wish to consider buying mixer taps, where both hot and cold water come from one tap. This is easier to use and may also help to save space.

As with any product you purchase, make sure it is of the highest quality possible for the price you intend to pay. It’s important to do the research to help you decide on cost-effective tapware that bests suits your bathroom project. Visit a bathroom showroom to get a good idea of how your selected taps will look as part of your renovation plan.

Explore sites online and visit social media platforms such as Pinterest to get an idea of how taps will look in the style of bathroom you have chosen. Talk to family and friends who have also renovated their bathroom and ask their opinion.

Once you have worked out the tapware to suit your needs, it’s time to call the experts to get the installation done promptly and professionally. Experienced, reliable and with pride in their customer service, Adelaide plumbers Mott Plumbing will ensure that your taps are professionally installed – and at a cost to suit your requirements.

Whether you’re replacing your taps as part of a bathroom renovation or just updating them, Mott Plumbing can help. Call us today to see how we can help with all your tapware replacement needs.

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