Electric hot water units operate using your regular electricity supply and are generally more expensive to run than Natural Gas units

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These hot water systems work by heating the electrical element within the hot water storage tank. Although a little less energy efficient, electric hot water is often necessary as many buildings do not have gas connections. Electric hot water systems also tend to be the more affordable option when installing a replacement electric system.

Running costs can be reduced on larger capacity units if connected to an Off-Peak J Tariff power meter or when connected to a solar-boosted system. Unless solar boosted, electric units generally emit more greenhouse gas emissions compared to other units.

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The Principal Electric Unit Options include:

Heat Pump Hot Water:

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Heat Pumps are the new big thing in the hot water world. They are fast gaining popularity for their environmental benefits, low operating costs and for the government rebates which may apply. Heat pump hot water systems are seen as a safe and efficient alternative to solar power, as they use the same type of connections as an electric hot water system, making switching over easy. Working like a reverse cycle refrigerator, heat pumps produce a dependable, cost-effective, electronically controlled hot water supply.


  • Ease of installation as the heat pump has a similar footprint and connections as a standard electric storage hot water unit.
  • Heats the water by drawing heat from the ambient air.
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Can be noisier than other units when operating.
  • Not as efficient when the outside air temperature is low

Electric Storage:

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  • The same footprint when replacing a like for like unit, no extra space required
  • Simple installation ensures cheaper changeover
  • Most affordable unit to purchase
  • Lower Off Peak tariffs often apply to larger capacity units heating water during off-peak periods (if Off Peak Meter is available)


  • On heavy demand days, hot water can run out and won’t reheat until the next off-peak period – usually overnight, unless a power boost switch is installed
  • Co2 emission rates are generally the highest on these units
  • Running costs can be higher than other units

Solar Electric Boosted:

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  • Free source of energy from the sun
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Government incentive may be available to help reduce the initial cost of installation
  • Solar heating system boosted by electric element heating when required


  • Upfront costs are much higher for the equipment and installation
  • Less efficient in winter and on overcast days
  • Solar panels have to be installed on a north facing roof for maximum heating efficiency

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